For 3 days Syria is back to war against its will. Many nations have their finger on the trigger, but not Syria itself, as the Syrian Kurds, living in its northern oil rich region are the ones that have been invaded for the “the creation of a safe zone of 300 kilometre length along its northern border” as Erdogan the war monger – declared.

I have lived through two world wars and have witnessed hundreds of military coups, juntas or simple invasions, but nothing similar with the utter madness of what we see in Syria, now.

Let me sum up the unbelievable situation that the world is faced with.

We all thought that Syria had come to the end of a bloody 8-year long civil war, which in its last few years included the cruel episode of the “Islamic State”, crushed largely through the brave fighting of Syrian Kurds with the support of the Syrian Army, US, Russia and an international alliance of other nations. Turkey, the only bordering member of NATO, played an ambivalent role, right from the beginning, for long periods sympathising with the Islamic State allowing them unobstructed passage through its territory. At the same time, it was instrumental in encouraging and promoting the huge wave of refugees, again through its territory, towards Northern Europe.

Now the Turks invaded, the Americans spend themselves in a disgusting internal communications war, between their President (without Wisdom) and their Administration. Europeans, Russians and others are simply issuing communiqués and the only one fighting are again the Kurds. Is there anyone who believes, that so much folly and provocation by Erdogan, will not bring more war? What about his other games in the Mediterranean against Israel, Egypt, Cyprus and Greece?  Is folly the new means of world rule?

By Maximos                        11 October 2019


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