The sperm that led to the Left-Right government of SYRIZANEL in Greece, was the myth of universal promises, starting with the first law they promised to pass through Parliament tearing to pieces the Agreement between Greece and its creditors. The Greek people, badly hit by the crisis that broke-out in 2009, corrupt by the “story” of previous governments that we could live forever on borrowed money, with no work, addicted to a clientelist State and the dirty relationship of the entrepreneurial with the political world, dazzled by despair, made the fatal mistake of buying with their vote the mythology of universal promises.

Perhaps the explanation of such folly was given 2.500 years ago by Thucydides, who said that Greeks prefer to believe in myths that please their ears, rather than embarking on the copious task of discovering truth.

Coming back to our present predicament, it appears that the Government is firmly ensconced in the belief that the substance of politics, is . . . the absence of policies. Instead of producing policies they insist on the continuous invention and sale of myths, that they disguise as “stories” instead of calling them what they are: straight fables. We have already listed the first one – tearing apart the Agreement with Creditors; instead they have signed a third/fourth, much harder than the second one, which they would have torn-away. Mr. Tsipras is moved to tears when he speaks of how faithfully he implements it. On the other hand, most of his Ministers carry a spare bucket with them to collect their tears, shed every time they apply, after endless procrastinations, one measure or reform. 

Other famous tall stories of the Government: The parallel currency (a comic intermezzo of the first half of 2015, directed by the famous Varoufakis), the Referendum of July 2015, the fiasco of the new TV licences, the 13th month pension and a whole series of other ridiculous stories. The last harvest includes the tug of war between Skopje and Athens and the “clean exit” from the Creditors supervision. It was smudged black by no one less important than Mr. Tsakalotos himself. No story comes true.

SYRIZANEL, however, unperturbed continue playing their fiddles. They carry on producing fresh stories, even though they know damned well they serve lies. In some cases, because they themselves know they will vote against the party line. In all others because they are proved wrong by reality, which has the bad habit of not buying myths but policies and attainments. Strangely enough, reality is incomprehensible to the “touched” brains of the first Left-Right government ever.

Having voted twice yet another, harsh cut of pensions for 1.1.2019, they try to sell the story, that they will re-negotiate it after the current Agreement expires in August. Once more the Commission clearly replied that, whatever has been agreed will be enforced. Despite this, several Greek government ministers still parrot away the lie. Are they beyond their minds? Or, do they consider the Greek people so stupid. They are so well-versed in throwing Molotov cocktails; do they not realise that lies and fraud is a suicidal Molotov bomb, thrown against their own selves?   

 Whatever happened to that moral advantage” of the Left? Has it been dissolved in a bottomless pit? How is it that purportedly clever and sound people released the three-day lie of “IIlidenska  Makedonija”?

My worry is, lest the Greek people become so depressed with this mad race of lies and dearth of morals, with this degradation of our Country, that we lose our traditional spirit of fight, to restore the values and moral authority that are the foundations of the 3.500 years of the glorious history of Greece. Time to go back to the truth and dignity of self-knowledge. “Know the truth and truth shall liberate you” 

By Maximos, written on a Greek Island on the day of the Feast of the Holy Spirit 2018.


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