Today we were shocked by a news item that appeared unfortunately in small letters. Minister of Justice Kontonis, denied Greek participation in a Conference of the Esthonian Presidency with the title: “The heritage of the 21st century in the crimes committed by communist regimes”. The purported reason, according to his statement, was that in his opinion “the Army of the USSR was the liberator of Europe and of the Nazist concentration camps” and that the Conference “is against the values of the EU”.

We are astonished at these theses of Minister Kontonis, who as a cultured Zante man should be more familiar with European values and ought to know that they exclude the non-values of violence, oppression and savage persecution that were a basic feature of communism. On the contrary, they are based on human rights, originating in Christianity, who despite the savage persecutions of 70 years and tens of millions executed or exiled, in the end persevered over the extinct soviet communism.

Secondly, he ought to know that geographically the greatest number of Nazi concentration camps happened to be in Poland, next to Russia and it was, therefore, only natural that they were liberated by the Soviet  and not the American, British or French armies, which had to cross the entire expanse of Germany, before they could reach the camps. This: on the basis of seer geography and not ethical or political reasons.

The refusal and the relative statements of Mr. Kontonis reveal, beyond doubt, the communist DNA of SYRIZA. It is no accident that no other Left party in any other member-state opposed the participation in the Presidency Conference, on the basis of such ridiculous, un-historical arguments.

Perhaps the covert aspiration of Mr. Kontonis and his friends is the resurrection of the passions of Greek division and the realisation of yet another violent assault, against the Greek State. This is hidden in the DNA of most SYRIZA followers, with Mr. Polakis[1] as their outstanding and admired spokesman. Perhaps they should also change their name from SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) to SYCOMA (Coalition of the Communist Left), in which case the government coalition should also be renamed from SIRIZANEL to SYCOMANEL.

Whatever the case, we should put an end to their mania to raze Justice, Education and all other institutions. Otherwise we would even run out of figs (syco in Greek) to eat in this country.

  Maximos   19.8.2017  


[1] Deputy Minister of Health, notorious for his incendiary, violent twits or spoken comments, who has clearly stated his intention to turn Greece into a soviet.


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