The recent behaviour of the Greek Prime Minister and other spokesmen of “the first-ever” Left-Right government, with respect to the third Evaluation of the Programme and the Rome Summit, reveal that these people are not only possessed by ideological fixations, or other psychic disorders, but are suffering from advanced schizophrenia. According to a reputable medical journal, the definition of schizophrenia is:

“An illness that is typically defined by a mutation of internal and external reality, manifest in disorders of thinking, perception, sentiment, will and behaviour”.

The behaviour of our Prime Minister displays all the above elements:

  • His will is unclear. For seven months now, he decries that he wants and will complete the evaluation in two weeks, but the evaluation is still open. He reveals the same indecision that characterised his first six months in power, with the presumably “hard negotiation” of unforgettable Varoufakis and the famous “NO” of the referendum that he interpreted into a “YES” within two weeks. The Greek people paid the bill in the form of the bank closure, capital controls, the third Programme and the extension of recession for 21 months, now.
  • He does not perceive how the Insitutions’ mind works, imagining that he holds them hostages and that he “plays” a civil war between Europe and IMF. On top of it, he insults them in turn, knowing damned well that they sustain bankrupt Greece and – by extension his government – in life. He even has the “cheek” to believe that he may entangle US in the game, beating the tune with his drum.
  • He cannot grasp that over-taxation and recovery are mutually exclusive, whereas privatisation and private investment go in tandem.

He therefore suffers from an acute loss of contact with reality, both internal and external, as well as “incurable disorders in thought, perception, sentiment, will and behaviour”. In so many words, we are governed by schizophrenics. This is the most benevolent interpretation, because if all these things are being carried out consciously, then their actions are equivalent to national treason.

The drama is that all these are paid for, by the Greek people. According to most conservative estimates, they have paid for the “leftist joke” of the summer of 2015 more than 100 billion euros (2/3rds of our foundering GDP) and have lost since, more than an extra 15 billion by reversing the recovery observed in 2014 to a recession that covers the two years of SYRIZA-ANEL in power.

After all this, we are still searching for light at the end of the tunnel. But, all candles and torches have been blown out by the wave of appointments of unqualified, idle, party “cronies” in posts of the bankrupt State. Schizophrenia holds out well!

I conclude today, the feast of Greek independence with a spontaneous quote: “How much longer shall we live in straightjackets”? For how much longer will the Greek people pay for the hospitalisation of wealthy scions of the Left, who revolt against their complexes? “Light, more Light”! In the hope that, at the end, we shall grasp the tragedy and treeat the schizophrenia that festers in all of us. The famous quote of the late Statesman Karamanlis springs to mind: “Greece is a vast lunatic asylum”. Let’s fight for sanity and hard-earned freedom!

By Maximos                                                                       25th March 2017


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