The title is a photo of the “first government of the Left” as the current Greek government self-style themselves in blatant disregard of history.

Incapability is manifest anywhere: In the “negotiation” with the quartet (the hottest issue at the moment); in the handling of the refugee problem (four dead in the hotspots); in the attempt to control justice and the media (fortunately beaten); in ensuring our international credibility and respect (scraping bottom).

Vice is daily practice for this government. Spirtzis and Gerovassili[1] are the two names that spring spontaneously to mind, but our Prime Minister does not lag far behind in arrogance, abuse of power or the art of shameless lies. For the benefit of those with a weak memory we refer to the scandals of “friendly awards” of contracts, the cunning criteria for the civil appointment of fire victims in Helia, the “deviation” of the Prime Minister’s plane to P aris, his commitment last September that the second evaluation of the Greek credit programme would be over by 10 December, last year.

Lawlessness is all pervasive: in the orgy of closing government offices 2 hours early, to celebrate carnival with food and drinks (paid by the Bankrupt State); the destruction of buses and trolleys, of ticket control machines; the beating-up of members of parliament and professors, shop breaking by “friendly” anarchists. All this, in full but passive sight of police, which is under government orders to refrain from arrests and do not enter the “forbidden” precincts of Exarcheia[2], the ATHENS School of Economics, the Technical Uniiversity.

At the same time, we are the only European country with capital controls for two years, with a steady record of unemployment, of closure of shops and workshops, of emigration of educated young men and women to the “evil” Schauble, of recession and loss of income and pensions. And yet, the Prime Minister sees recovery and his Ministers behold extra tax capability. Blind guides of blind people”.

In the meanwhile, the cash machine clicks and we pay the bill. There is documented evidence that the bill has mounted to 120 billion euros in two years. And the right hand of the first time ever Left-Right[3] government literally does not know what the left hand is doing, as the Bible says. But, what did we expect? We only have to glance at state education, which is dominated by the Left: ruins everywhere! Last among the OECD countries in educational tests; our universities far behind in international rankings. The only high index in Higher Education is the number of forceful closure of Universities by student-thugs of the Left.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government is a disgrace, a hand-brake and a moral shame for this Country. It plays dice with the future of this Country, by protracting the second evaluation and courting with the drachma. They share this love with Dr. Schauble. Who is the best “servant of foreign interests”? If we ever go back to the drachma the people will have neither food nor medicines, the Country will be sold out to foreigners for nothing and we – if we are not added to the half million emigrants – will become “their waiters” as the Left is so fond of telling us.

The great clue would be the appointment by Albania, FYROM and Bulgaria, of Mr. Mouzalas[4] as manager for the reception of impoverished Greek immigrants. Let as not contract the deceptions of SYRIZA. That is where they lead us those, who increase the State sector, who sign parliamentary questions about the “forests” and “archaeological sites” of the disused Hellinikon, the international airport of the Country since 1938! For 80 years they were unknown. They have now been dug up by SYRIZA to delay an 8 billion euros private investment which will create 75.000 new jobs.

The Country is torn to pieces, Turkey is lurking to grab, the question is what are the Greek people doing to rid themselves from a fascist, left-right OLIGARCHY

Από τον Μάξιμο                                                                           18 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

[1] Spirtzis is Minister of Transport and Public Works notorious for awarding contracts to “in laws”, while Ms Gerovassili is very adept in engineering job descriptions that secure the appointment of party clientele exclusively.

[2] The area of Athens, which is the refuge of anarchists.

[3] A reference to the composition of the Government from SYRIZA (Left) and ANEL (Nationalist Right).

[4] Minister of immigration.


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